All About Antonio Brown’s Wife, Chelsie Kyriss

Chelsie Kyriss

Since last year, Antonio Brown has gained a lot of media attention. The causes span from his on-field and off-field performance to his personal life. Mostly in National Football League, the football player is currently an unsigned free agent. Regarding his love life, several ladies have been mentioned, but just Chelsie Kyriss was said to have been Antonio Brown’s wife. 

This former Pittsburgh Steelers player and Chelsie Kyriss started dating in 2012. Since then, they do have an intermittent connection. Chelsie has often accused Brown of being a cheater. As a result, the couple argued and split up in late 2019. They got engaged in some court battles.

Kyriss also accused him of being an unreliable partner and a lousy father. The whole article focuses on all of Brown’s relationships and extramarital affairs throughout his life.

Who is Antonio Brown?

The NFL player Antonio is well-known for being Eddie Brown’s son. Eddie is considered the leading player in Arena Football League history. From 2007 to 2009, Antonio played college and university football at Central Michigan. He set records for the college with 3,199 receiving yards, 305 receptions, and 22 touchdowns.

Kyriss Biography

In the state of Ohio’s Springboro, Kyriss was born. Her parents’ names are Todd and Lynn Kyriss. Additionally, Todd is in charge of running the business at Elite Sportswear in Pennsylvania. Additionally, Christopher Kyriss, Kyriss’ brother, is now married to Beth Kyriss. Chelsie grew up in Springboro alongside her brother. Additionally, the Kyriss family is of Caucasian descent. As for Kyriss’ education, she attended Springboro High School before enrolling at Sinclair Community College. She also enrolled in the Perimeter College at Georgia State University. She consequently holds a bachelor’s degree. 

Did Kyriss Marry Antonio Brown? 

For those who don’t know, Chelsie Kyriss has been a popular Instagram user. Her interaction with the media throughout her partnership with Brown helped her establish a presence on social media. Former instructor Kyriss was then employed as a salesperson & customer service representative. She reportedly first connected with Brown in the year 2012 through this acquaintance they both had in common. At some point toward the end of 2019, they separated after various legal disputes.

Chelsie & Antonio Kyriss’s Kids 

The NBA player’s girlfriend, Kyriss, has five children in all, two of them, Kellen Green & Brooklyn Green, are from a prior relationship. Additionally, Kyriss has three kids with Anotonio: Antony was born in 2014, Ali in 2015, and Apollo was born in 2017. Not to forget, it was said that Stephanie Acevedo, singer and Antonio Brown were dating and even made plans to live together in Miami. However, Antonio rejected Stephanie to develop a closer bond with Chelsie.

What went wrong in their relationship

Antonio and Chelsie’s eight-year romance had numerous difficulties along the way. In 2017, Brown is said to have been romantically involved with Jena Frumes. Kris was carrying their third child, Apollo, at the time. Chelsie left Antonio as a result of the alleged adultery. As a result, the pair spent some time apart. Again, in 2018, after the two split up, but later reconnected, Antonio’s relationship with Jena came to an end. Once more, the pair split up somewhere in the middle of 2019. Antonio tweeted, No more white lady 2020, which helped spread the myth even further. Since the beginning of 2019, Chelsie Kyriss and Antonio Brown have been apart. They have engaged in legal battles, among other problems. It should be noted that Chelsie had sued Brown for childcare and primary custody.

Accusations of cheating against Kyriss 

This time, Kyriss was charged with cheating by Antonio. Chelsie immediately refuted the accusation, though. Additionally, she chastised Antonio, labeling him a horrible partner and father. On her social media, Kyriss has accused Brown of various things. She had gotten the media’s attention. As she watched her ex-partner accuse her of everything, she was unable to remain silent. Additionally, it was reported that Brown attempted to remove Chelsie from his Florida house. He even filed a lawsuit against her in December 2019 to take legal action against her. He claimed that following their breakup, his ex-girlfriend was unwilling to leave his home. Kyriss, on the other hand, sued Antonio in court. She insisted that Brown be given sole custody of their children and pay child support.

What happened between Jordan Poyer Bills & Antonio Brown? 

Jordan Poyer is wed to Instagrammer Racheal Bush. She did however cheat on Poyer before they got married, as Bush herself admitted. Numerous accusations are circulating that Bush cheating on him and then Antonio Brown in the interim. Sports Gossip also argues that the primary factor in its decline was the deal between Bill and Brown.

Did Jena Frumes marry Antonio Brown? 

Back in 2017, Brown and Jena Frumes had a relationship. Jena is an Instagram influencer, model, & actor. Additionally, she has a huge fan base on YouTube. The 31-year-old is estimated to be worth $250,000 in total. Additionally, they split up quickly in 2018. She also recently started dating musician Jason Derulo. According to the reports, Antonio allegedly started dating Frumes to enrage Chelsie. But he had revealed to Jena that he had broken up with his pregnant girlfriend permanently.

Additionally, Jena claimed in an interview that despite Antonio’s best efforts, the relationship just wasn’t meant to be. The argument with Chelsie was finally resolved. Brown then departed Frumes to rejoin Chelsie. Frumes was shocked by this because she had intended to live with Antonio.

Wild rice Jackson was the wife of Antonio Brown? 

Wild rice Jackson was not his wife of Antonio. But she was the mother of one of the daughters, Antaniyah. In Latin, the name means priceless one. She is currently in middle school. Moreover, she is a runner and has interests in basketball and baseball. Antonio usually attends her games and supports her. The bond that Antonio and Antanyiah share is as strong as a diamond. She also posts rap videos and rants on her YouTube channel. The couple has fought for custody on multiple occasions. Their daughter was a top priority for the pair. Additionally, it was claimed that Jackson was being pushed to the ground by Brown. She wanted compensation from Antonio for one hair appointment in January 2019. However, Brown’s advocate refuted every charge of violence leveled against Brown. Brown eventually gained guardianship of their child after Jackson was told she didn’t need to pay any more child support. 

Antonio Brown’s wife, Shameika Brailsford? 

Shameika Brailsford and Brown had a connection in the past. In 2008, he gave birth to their son Antonio Brown Jr. Brown also had several legal battles with her. In 2012, Brailsford once more sued Brown for failing to look after their son. Additionally, Brailsford vented all of her anger on Brown on social media. She asserted that Brown solely values money in a string of Instagram posts. She said Brown had left without their consent and taken the son with him. The oldest of Antonio Brown Jr.’s children is Antonio. Like his father, AB Jr. participates in athletics & plays sports in high school.

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