Debby Clarke Belichick: 11 Binge-Worthy Facts About Bill Belichick’s Ex-Wife!

Debby Clarke Belichick

Debby Clarke Belichick has a successful business career. Additionally, many people recognize her as the ex-wife of NFL New England Patriots head football coach Bill Belichick. Additionally, she became the center of attention in her marital bond with her ex-husband, Bill, while he was the head coach of the Cleveland Browns. However, Debby divorced Bill after learning of his extramarital affair. Want more juicy details about her personal life and what it feels like to be married to one of the richest coaches on earth? Keep reading! 

Who Is Debby Clarke Belichick? 11 Facts About Bill Belichick’s Ex-Wife

1. Debby Clarke Belichick’s life before her famous marriage:

We all know that Debby rose to fame after marrying New England Patriots head coach Bill. Bill Belichick is best known as the current best coach of the National Football League (NFL) team, the New England Patriots. He has many training records. Bill is used to winning six Super Bowls for the Patriots as a head coach and The head coach brought home two victories for the New York Giants as a defensive coordinator.

While there is not much information available about her life before her marriage, we do know that Debby Clarke is the ex-stepdaughter of Jeannette (Munn) and Steve Belichick. Additionally, no details have been found about her siblings. According to online sources, Debby Clarke Belichick is said to have been born in the year 1955 in Nashville, Tennessee, United States and was originally from Maryland. Debby is American and of white ethnicity. Debby will turn 67 years of age in 2022. Similarly, Debby’s zodiac sign is Gemini, and she follows Christianity as her religion.

Regarding Debby Clarke Belichick’s education, she did not share information about her studies. But she and her husband said they were high school sweethearts when Bill attended high school in Annapolis. There is a rumor that the two must have been side by side as Bill graduated from high school in Annapolis and later enrolled at Phillips Academy in Massachusetts, and would then go on to graduate from Wesleyan University in Connecticut. 

2. Bill Belichick’s affair left the couple in divorce: 

Debby and Bill married in 1977 and were blessed with three children, Amanda, Stephen and Brian. However, her marital life started to turn sour and she got divorced in the summer of 2006. 

The reason for their separation is her husband’s alleged extramarital affair. Adding to the context, Bill was accused of having a relationship with former Giants receptionist Sharon Shenocca. Furthermore, he also pointed out that he was accused of sending her envelopes full of money and buying her a secret town of Park Slope for $2.2 million. 

After a year of divorce, he revealed his relationship with Linda Holliday, who was the CEO of Belichick’s eponymous foundation.

3. The real reason for Debby Clarke Belichick’s divorce from Bill:

Some reports suggested that Debby and Belichick separated before the 2004 season. However, the news was not made public until July 2005, and the divorce was finalized in 2006. Following a messy divorce that involved allegations of disloyalty against Bill Belichick, Debby and her famous husband separated. 

Bill reportedly had an extramarital affair with former New York Giants receptionist Sharon Shenocca, who was then estranged from her husband, Vincent Shenocca. Bill was accused of giving Shenocca expensive gifts and offering his four-bedroom townhouse in Park Slope for $2.2 million. Along with these allegations, there were also rumors that Debby Clarke Belichick suffered domestic abuse from her ex-husband. Also, their daughter, Amanda, allegedly saw Bill dragging Debby down the stairs. Additionally, it was also mentioned that the GM of the New England Patriots, once her beloved husband, held her by the neck, causing Debby to have severe injuries.

These allegations eventually sparked divorce proceedings, which were finalized in 2006. After the fateful divoce, Belichick’s ex-wife  has established herself as a successful businesswoman.

4. Debby Clarke Belichick’s life after divorce was lucrative: 

According to the New York Post, Bill Belichick has been embroiled in a messy divorce case related to an affair with Sharon Shenocca. After her separation from the head coach, Debby started her business with friends. They had opened ‘The Art of Tile & Stone’ store in Wellesley which offers everything from design to new stone installation. 

But she was not hogging all her money, or maybe for tax purposes, while she was still married to her ex-husband, the couple had started a charity that raised money for the needy and homeless in Cleveland, Ohio and Massachusetts.

5. Debby didn’t have any affairs:

While her ex-husband, Bill was having affairs, Debby allegedly did not have any extramarital affairs during her married life. Debby kept her personal life away from the media. Currently, she may be single as she has not been seen publicly with anyone to greet her.

6. Debby Clarke Belichick’s net worth:

As a successful entrepreneur, she presumably maintains a six-figure number in her net worth. At present, Debby Clarke Belichick’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million over her career. 

Divorce settlement

Additionally, she added some amount from her divorce with ex-husband, Bill, who has an estimated net worth of around $35 million which he earned from his football coaching career. Being the coach of the New England Patriots, he earned a salary of $7.5 million in 2012 and 2016. So after the divorce, it’s obvious that Debby must have received a few million as settlement. In the year 2009, the super trainer spent $2.65 million on his two-story penthouse unit located in Jupiter, Florida.

Art of Tiles

Debby and a friend of hers, Paige Yates, started their business as The Art of Tile & Stone. The store is a tile shop in Wellesley and offers everything from designing to installing new stone. The company is generally concerned with the art of creating tile patterns. The company offers customers options for their new bathroom or kitchen that is not overwhelming but fascinating at the same time. As a successful entrepreneur, Debby Clarke Belichick indeed maintains a six-figure number in her net worth. Debby Clarke Belichick gave an interview about her company on Youtube.


Before their divorce, Debby and Belichick started a charity that helped to raise funds for the homeless and needy in Cleveland, Ohio, and Massachusetts. However, charity is a sign that Debby and Bill believed in giving back to the community, along with the benefits on their taxes. 

Real estate

Debby and Bill bought a $4.6 million place/lot in Nantucket.

7. Bill Belichick’s life during his marriage to Debby Clarke Belichick:

Bill Belichick’s first job in the NFL was as an assistant coach for head coach Ted Marchibroda of the Baltimore Colts. A year later, in 1976, Bill was hired by the Detroit Lions. 

The magic of the Detroit Lions saw Debby Clarke Belichick and Bill Belichick exchange wedding vows in 1977. As a result, Debby who was born as Debby Clarke changed her name to Debby Clarke Belichick.

Two years after the couple married, Belichick landed an assistant coaching job in the NFL. Bill began serving directly under New York Giants head coach Ray Perkins from 1979 to 1990. In 1991, Bill began serving as head coach of the Cleveland Browns (1991-95).

Bill Belichick also served as head coach of the New England Patriots (1996) and New York Jets (1997-99) before returning to the Patriots in 2000. He has been with the Patriots ever since. Bill led the Patriots to six NFL Super Bowl championship victories (XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX, XLIX, LI and LIII). Bill Belichick has been selected as AP NFL Coach of the Year three times (2003, 2007 and 2010).

Bill Belichick’s divorce would happen in 2006, but as you can see he achieved more during his first marriage. After the divorce, Belichick was rumored to be dating Linda Holliday from Jupiter, Florida.

8. Debby Clarke Belichick’s children: 

Debby Clarke Belichick and Bill Belichick share three children, a daughter and two sons from their 28-year long married life. Their daughter is Amanda and their sons Stephen and Brian were also born. The children have followed in their father’s footsteps as an athlete and are also doing very well. 


Bill and Debby’s only daughter, who they named Amanda, graduated from Wesleyan University in 2007. She was a dynamic lacrosse player in school. Amanda was good at the game and was hired as a lacrosse coach for Connecticut Prep School, and she also worked in the school’s admissions unit. Subsequently, Amanda worked as the interim female head coach at Wesleyan University. Shortly thereafter, she became an assistant coach for the University of Massachusetts women’s lacrosse team at Amherst. Amanda also coached lacrosse for the Ohio State Buckeyes and was named head coach of the women’s lacrosse team at Holy Cross College in 2005.


Debby Clare Belichick and Bill’s son Stephen are currently the safety coach under his father at the Patriots. Stephen has also done incredibly well in the game of lacrosse, but is also adept at football. Stephen got a scholarship from Rutgers University and graduated. After graduating, he was named assistant coach of the New England Patriots in May 2012. Subsequently, he became the team’s safety coach in 2016.


Brian, their youngest son, was also in charge of lacrosse but was rather a proficient player during his days at Trinity College. Subsequently, he became the scouting assistant for the Front des Patriotes office in 2016.

9. Debby Clarke Belichick social media:

The businesswoman has maintained a very private life since her divorce from the head coach. Unlike her ex-husband, she is not active on different social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. She is one of those celebrities who do not like to share their personal things on media platforms today. But Debby does own an Instagram business account.

These days, she leads a peaceful life away from glitz and glamor, trying to stay as quiet as possible unlike other celebrity wives. Not everyone likes to be marked, photographed at every activity in their life, and Debby is one of them. Since no one seems to know where she is without any new pictures or news about her, one can only hope that she leads a very good and peaceful life.

10. Death rumors:

Debby Clarke Belichick, who has a net worth of $3 million, is currently leading a healthy yet private lifestyle. Due to her low-key life, rumors of her possible death circulated in the media. The stories turned out to be just dust in the wind as she is definitely not dead.

11. Bill’s current girlfriend Linda Holliday: 

It is said that Bill Belichick and Linda Holliday had been in a relationship since 2007. They met at a nightclub in Florida. They are both busy building their professional lives, but when they are free, they love spending time on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts. This island has been a favorite destination for them as Belichick shared: “I Began In Detroit, Then Denver, Then The Giants, Soon Cleveland, Soon The Patriots, The Jets, And Finally Went Back To The Patriots [Again]. But At The End Of Each Of Those Years, I Was Here. Nantucket Has Always Been A Constant”. His girlfriend Ms. Holliday also added, “No Matter What Everyone Does In Their Busy Lives, Where The Family Comes Together Again Is Nantucket”. 

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