Facts about Allison Stokke: A professional Athlete and a Fitness Model

Facts about Allison Stokke

Born on 22nd March 1989, Allison Stokke Fowler is an American field and track athlete and a fitness model. She made many world records in her pole vaulting career. Allison’s images are too shared on the internet immensely, making her an internet sensation as well. After completing college, Allison became a professional vaulter and modelled for many famous brands such as Nike and Athleta. She is one of the youngest pole-vaulting athletes of her time, set a record at an age of 15 and won the US title that year.

Allison Stokke’s pole vaulting career

Allison Stokke has a sports-loving family which made her participate in sports activities from a very young age. Although her parents wanted her to be a gymnast, she showed more interest in pole vaulting. She started practising pole vaulting at an early age and excelled at it gradually. Many athletes praised her pole vault ability, and she received an athletic scholarship to the University of California. There she became a member of the California Golden Bears team.

Allison Stokke’s net worth

It is estimated that Allison Stokke’s net worth is around $500,00 million which she made due to her amazing career as an athlete and fitness model. In her peak time, she was the record-breaking pole vaulter that made her earn a massive wealth. Her husband is also quite a famous person and holds no less than $18 million.

Allison Stokke in college competition and senior year record

Stokke set a school record with a vault of 13 ft 5 3/4 in during her freshman year at UC Berkeley. She had grown another 4 inches during her sophomore year and placed ninth at the Pac-10 Championships and seventh at the MPSF Indoor Championships. Despite having fractured her leg earlier in her high school career, Stokke was known as a competitive pole-vaulted by her senior year. She also broke her personal record in the national junior championships, vaulting 13 ft 6 3/4 in and finishing sixth.

The picture that changed Allison Stokke’s life

With Leather had many male followers when it was a renowned sports blog back in 2007. The site was more popular for the objectification of women in the sports arena. That year, a photographer captured Allison Stokke’s picture in one of her pole-vaulting events with good intention and uploaded the same on the internet. The With Leather site used that picture and reposted it on their site captioning ‘Pole Vaulting Is Sexy, Barely Legal’.  The picture went viral all over the net and created huge problems for Allison as she was given a sex symbol status. Allison was very young at that time and found this incident depressing which hampered her sports techniques. All the places she went, photographers stormed and flooded next to her to take photographs from inappropriate angles. Many men started pursuing her even though she was very young.

The sports interview and its bad impacts

Allison decided to get herself back on track and concentrate more on her sports career. She took part in an interview that was dedicated to pole vaulting techniques. Later, the interview was uploaded to YouTube where it received more than 1,000 views in a short period of time. Unfortunately, the comments posted in the interview proved worse. Instead of her pole-vaulting career, most of the comments emphasised her sexual abilities. Allan Stokke, Allison Stokke’s father and a lawyer stepped in to rescue her child. He began a process that could wade down internet comments made for her daughter and shut down all Allison’s ‘fan’ sites at once.

Allison Stokke’s love life

 Allison Stokke is married to her long-time boyfriend and an American golfer named Rickie Fowler. Both are sports people and started appearing together in public in 2017. The couple got engaged the very next year and married in 2019. Since then, both are happy together and respect each other’s work.

Allison Stokke’s parents & sibling

Allison’s father Allan Stokke and mother Cindy Stokke always have too great interest in sports. Her brother David Stokke is a national level gymnast. Allison’s family first tried making her a gymnast just like her brother but Allison was more interested in pole vaulting.

Allison Stokke’s modelling career

Allison Stokke is not just a record-breaking pole vaulter but also an active fitness model. She is one of the examples of how athletes must keep up their body, shape and strength. Till 2015, she had worked with many sports brands for sports equipment and clothes such as Nike, Athleta and Uniqlo. Although Allison Stokke had previously faced issues related to her sex symbol tagline, she had overcome them and started modelling some years now. Her modelling career seems equally appealing to her fans just like pole vaulting.

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