Free Hit FPL In 2021: How To Use It Explained!

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First and foremost, a Free Hit FPL comes in handy to fix your Fantasy Premier League team temporarily, giving you a quick boost. Although the Free Hit FPL cannot be used to play the market, it is still noted as a powerful strategy. This chip allows managers to quickly pick an alternative to the Wildcard as a way of temporarily fixing a squad. In this article, we take a look at the pros and cons of using the Free Hit FPL. 

Free Hit FPL (2021): What Is It?, Uses, Pros and Cons! 

What is the Free Hit FPL?

Sitting alongside the Wildcard, the Triple Captain and Bench Boost in Fantasy Premier League, the Free Hit FPL is one of your chips that can be claimed. 

You make unlimited transfers to your 15-man squad by using the Free Hit FPL, and like the Wildcard, the Free Hit FPL is used when confirming transfers. 

Once a season, a Free Hit FPL can be claimed and you’ll then get the standard one free transfer for the following Gameweek, as your squad returns to normal – and price changes won’t be affected either. 

What are some benefits of using your Free Hit FPL? 

Basically, this chip has many advantages but is particularly useful for short-term gains. 

The Free Hit FPL (like the Wildcard) is used when confirming transfers.

Despite the fact that a lot of FPL are focused more on building for the game weeks ahead, the Free Hit FPL permits managers to come up with fast decisions with only the next game in mind. 

A Free Hit FPL can be used to make as many transfers as you like in the Fantasy Premier League – alongside the Wildcard, the Triple Captain, and Bench Boost – but only for 7 days or a week, as your team will revert back to how it looked 7 days before.

When can you use the Free Hit FPL?

That’s entirely up to you. 

A Free Hit FPL can be taken once per season and allows for unlimited transfers in a single Gameweek. 

Some managers will try to use the chip to just try something different for a week. Other managers might want to wait until players get two matches in a gameweek so that they can bring in some fresh stars likely to play twice across one week. 

Managers can erase and replace their entire squad for that Gameweek but their 15-man line-up will come back exactly looking how it was at the start of the Gameweek for the next deadline. If the Free Hit FPL chip is played leading up to Gameweek 29, for example, once the deadline has passed you will see the points scored by your new Free Hit FPL squad in the “Points” tab. But in your “My Team” and “Transfers” tabs, your old Gameweek 28 squad will have returned.  

We should also not forget that injury and suspension can ravage a squad too – and the Free Hit FPL plays into this situation as well. With that in mind, let’s look at the pros and cons. 

Final Verdict on Free Hit FPL:


  1. The Free Hit FPL cannot be cancelled once confirmed. 
  1. Please keep in mind that when playing The Free Hit FPL chip, any free transfers carried prior from previous Gameweeks will be lost. You will revert back to the usual one free transfer for the following Gameweek, by playing it. 
  1. In addition to this, another caveat to note is that if you have already made your free transfer and then subsequently decide to play the Free Hit FPL chip, then the initial signing you made will be lost. 


  1. The Free Hit FPL is useful to managers who take points hits and then regret the decision can use the Free Hit FPL to cancel those deductions. 
  1. Any price changes gained from their new Free Hit FPL squad, cannot be benefited from for the  Managers. That being said, price changes applied to their previous line-up will take effect on their return once the chip expires. So if a player has gone through a price drop while your Free Hit FPL chip was active, the value on that player will have been lost. 
  1. The Free Hit FPL can come in handy for FPL managers when injuries and suspensions hit, or when postponed fixtures cause issues. 
  1. The Free Hit FPL chip allows managers to pick players who are not only in action but also have good fixtures. 
  1. The Free Hit FPL chip helps managers to revalue their approach to Double Gameweeks, where teams have more than just one fixture in a single Gameweek.  These have always proved popular windows in which to put chips in play. 
  1. The Free Hit FPL chip helps to maximise the number of players in a squad who will play twice. This expansive scope can then lead to many FPL managers rethinking their use of existing chips, especially the second Wildcard. 
  1. The Free Hit FPL chip is extremely powerful when it comes to the ability to take advantage of differentials. Normally, managers buy players who can deliver returns over a number of Gameweeks, when using their free transfers. One of the most powerful aspects of the Free Hit FPL chip is that it actually allows them to focus on short-term gains, targeting players with the potential for big points in that specific Gameweek. 

Therefore, for a manager looking to gain an advantage over mini-league rivals, finding these one-off differentials could be key!        

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