Golf Betting Rules and Strategies to Bet Like a Pro

Golf Betting Rules and strategies to bet like a pro

With the rise seen in golf betting markets, many gamblers and golf game enthusiasts are now betting on golf games more than ever. Golfing is one of the sports which is enjoyable when we play by ourselves or watch them live. And when different markets are offering different betting styles, your chances to win bets also increase. But then, learning about golf betting rules and strategies is always better if you want to win like a pro.

Golf betting rules and betting types

Dead Heat Rules

A dead heat occurs when two or more golfers get tied for a certain position in the game. Dead-heat takes place often when the players shoot for similar scores after 72 holes. If such happens, the rules are simple. All you need is to divide your stake among the number of bettors whose players have been involved into a dead heat. Then you would multiply the amount by your original odds to determine the final profits.

Outright Betting

If you bet on the outright winner market and the players participating in the tournaments get tied for first place, then they will hold a playoff. In such a market, the winner is determined by the winner of the playoff. In rare cases, a playoff might not take place which means your final outcome will depend on the dead heat rules.

Each Way Betting

This betting style pays the punters for placing bets on the top five players. It depends on the betting market whether they are paid one-fourth or one-fifth of their original odds or according to dead heat rules. You must note that in larger tournaments, bookmakers may increase the number of places which they will pay for an each-way bet.


In golf games, you must have noticed that players withdraw over the course of the week, especially if they are injured or fall sick. If such an incident takes place, you bet stands provided players have played at least three or more holes in the tournament.

Rule 4

Rule 4 is about permitting the bookmaker to change the odds of players once the bet is placed. This bet usually takes place when you choose your favourites and they have withdrawn after placing bets. Your wagers will still hold if Rule 4 does apply to an event, but the odds you took initially on the player will probably be less favourable. In essence, it shields bookmakers from having to settle wagers on outcomes that had significantly changed for no fault of their own. The amount of your bet’s reduction will depend on the players’ initial odds before being divided by the odds you choose for your player.

Round abandoned

If the round gets abandoned mid-way due to any reason, all the bets that have not been settled will be void and you must get your stake back. If the round is temporarily suspended and will be resumed later, then the scores will be carried forward and added to the rounds simply as per the market rules.

Group betting

Group betting in golf games is interesting form of betting style where punters are been paid for the players who scored the least in the tournament. In the event that any of the players in the betting group do not cut, they will be eliminated. If none of the players makes a cut, the player with the lowers score wins the bet. Again, dead-heat rules are applied when two or more players’ scores get tied at the tournament end and Rule 4 applies to the bets groups which have more than one player who withdraws before the event.

Golf betting strategies

Course Set-Up

One important thing you must keep in mind while placing a bet on golf is determining the course set-up. For example, the shape and length of the course or pairings or average scores. Once you have made an initial assessment, you can focus on players and potential winners for the game course. If the course is long, yon look for bombers to hit the ball long way whereas, in a shorter course, players who could hit accurately can be selected. Placing a bet will become easier for you if you narrow down your search based on the course layout.

Creating player pools

Once you have studied the course and about players, we suggest you list the player’s weaknesses and strengths according to your understanding such as long hitters, brilliant punters and so on. Select at least five players in every category as it is unlikely that all the players will be available in golf games taking place worldwide. Selecting players according to their stats is another way and is easily available on sites. Many golf betting sites provide users with massive data and stats regarding players and events for gamblers to select wisely.

Registering with a good betting exchange

If you are new to golf betting, you can choose a good golf betting market available online. The betting exchange must be such that it contains all the desired information about the game, players, best odds and so on. Although the odds of some golfers concerning winning big events can be very high, and some might lead the first round, going through the entire event can prove difficult for many. Therefore, many bettors nowadays use a prominent exchange that keeps them updated about the events and changing odds so that the users can alter their bets with the game course.


Lastly, checking upon weather conditions is one strategy that can make you either win or lose the event. Weather can change the play completely, especially because of the strong winds or heavy rain that can soak the greens and make the game course play slow. Before placing a bet, you must always follow the weather forecast for the entire tournament along with a detailed daily forecast. This will further allow you to determine how the weather can help or hurt your player’s game based on their skill readings and past history.

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