Greyhound Racing Betting Strategies, and Tips for Greyhound Punters

Greyhound Racing

Greyhound racing bets are one of the most difficult forms of bet as the chances to win are far less than in other sports. Often the race is very short where some of the ferocious hounds speed too much or too less, making the entire stake unpredictable. Therefore, practising for greyhound bets is the only way you can win big from the game. Once you have learnt about different betting types and sports rules, read the below-mentioned strategies and tips to become a good greyhound racing punter.

Greyhound racing betting strategies and tips

Follow rules and learn about the track conditions

Although many people ignore to look upon the track conditions as they search for good hounds, it is equally important. Since most of the races occur on all-weather tracks, many races go fair and even. You might find biases in the track that seem to favour some traps more than others. One way to understand the track condition is to verify the past history and see where the winners have placed bets the most.

You can also check the price of the winning trap as compared to the rest of the traps. Checking weather conditions is also a good way to ensure your hound does not go off the track. Often some parts of the tracks receive more rainfall than the rest or dry up quickly. Of course, the wet tracks will make it hard for dogs to run as compared to the drier ones thereby impacting the winning scenario greatly.

The draw

Every dog race has a different form of draw rules depending on the dog’s ability. Because of the racing track’s length, the time taken by dogs to reach the trap may vary and thus, any small advantage given to them can make them win the race. It is always good to target hounds in the middle traps as it allows them to get away from railings or public attention. But then, racing tracks may not be same always and inside or outside traps could be more beneficial. If you look at some past events or races, you will be able to identify the most favourable traps that you might use to place your bet.

Check the dog’s age and race experience

One thing which lures newbies is the dog’s age or the years they have been into greyhound racing. The fact is, older dogs may not perform like the young ones. The best strategy is to find a good balance between the pooch’s age and experience on the racing track. Young dogs may prove risky during their starting period as compared to old ones but with experience, they can prove beneficial as compared to old ones.

Value bets

One of the key greyhound racing betting strategies is to know about value bets and when they must be placed. Though it is not an easy thing to find for every race, you can research from and upcoming events to find potential outcomes for racing events. Once you have researched, look for odds that can be placed on each dog and their winning or losing percentage. In many betting types, you can make huge money by placing bets on losing dogs even or on the traps which you think your favourite pooch will reach post-completion.

Difference between live dog racing and simulcast

Live dog racing is the term used when we view dogs run individually on tracks. Simulcasting is when you watch the race live but, on your television, computers or mobile phones. Many online greyhound racing bookmakers gain access to simulcast the races for bets.

Betting on greyhound racing online versus the live track

It is always fun to watch the hounds run live on racing tracks just like any other sport. It can be because of the atmosphere, dogs’ enthusiasm or just the gathering with close ones, it is always great. However, while considering betting on races, online works better as compared to live tracks due to the following reasons:

  • For the first-timers, watching their favourite dog may make them rush to bet emotionally rather than looking for other statistics and track records.
  • In online betting, you will not be prompted by other bettors to bet upon a selected dog which may otherwise distract you from core strategies.
  • Live races are accessible only during selected seasons while live greyhound racing provides you with access to different races occurring at different places worldwide.
  • Online greyhound betting market and racing sites offer many stats and permutations concerning winning the match which cannot be accessed while on live track.

How to make online greyhound racing bets?

Choose a good greyhound racing betting site

This is the first step where you need to select a good site. Many sites offer promotions and cash gifts to the newbies while others may offer risk-free or free bets. Always do a little research on the site’s reputation before putting in the real money.

Searching your favourite track

If you have a particular race track in your mind, look for online sites which cover that particular race event. If you do not find your desired track, you can always reach customer care to see if there will be an action anytime soon.

Look for the betting types and rule

Most commonly, bettors spend their time making waging in almost every race series. If you are used to it, it will be easy for you to select an online site. Just look for the betting types offered by the site, how dogs are selected and events covered by the site.

Check about money deposits and withdrawals

After you have checked about the legality in your country, make sure the payment options offered by the site suit you. Deposits can be huge and so does withdrawals. Many sites offer quick withdrawal while others follow a certain procedure.

Bet with multiple online sites instead of depending on one

Since there is no penalty for joining multiple betting sites, you must join many sites simultaneously to find out which site offers the best odds. You may further track actions from multiple sources and get bonuses too.

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