Holly Sonders: Who Is Oscar De La Hoya’s Girlfriend?

Holly Sonders

Fans of Oscar De La Hoya have spotted a striking looking woman in his arms these days. That woman is Holly Sonders, a television host, former golfer. In this post, we will find out more about her. Let’s get started.

Holly Sonders: All You Need To Know

After the Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder fight, many fans noticed the stunning brunette who Oscar De La Hoya was walking with. The couple seemed to be really into each other as they were answering questions after the fight. 

Who is Holly Sonders?

The 34 year old Holly Sonders is 14 years younger than her current partner Oscar De La Hoya. She has shared numerous photos of herself and De La Hoya through her Instagram page. After numerous years as a TV host, she has taken the next step of her career online.

When was Holly Sonders born?

Holly Sonders was born on March 3rd, 1987 in Marysville, Ohio. She played golf for a while and had a successful stint as a TV presenter. She has now taken her talents to the virtual world. Speaking about that, Holly Sonders said: “I’m very proud to have succeeded and worked so hard to make it to that position,” Sonders said of her broadcasting career. “And the way the world changes and has changed, it’s all digital, it’s all going to social media and you can have your own audience every single day.”

How did Holly Sonders start her golf career?

Holly Sonders during her early golfing days

Holly Sonders started early as a professional golfer and won several awards, which also earned her a scholarship to the University of Michigan. She earned a lot of fans during her golfing days. But a knee injury caused her to withdraw from the sport and she gave up golf; later she found a second vocation, with which she was able to meet Oscar De La Hoya. She entered American sports television and tried television journalism. 

The glamorous model does not practice sports professionally anymore and is dedicated to television, as well as to her social media accounts. The distinctive change in her personality rubbed some of her fans the wrong way. She spoke about it on Twitter and said: “I am sexy. And it makes me happy. I am a sexy, powerful woman. And if that makes you uncomfortable, unfollow me now. Cuz this Twitter crowd I have is super golfy, super judgy, and super rigid. I’m not down with that.”

How did Holly Sonders start her television career?

The television career of Oscar de la Hoya’s new girlfriend began at the age of 21 on the golf channel and five years later she joined the Fox Sports channel. Her great looks, charming personality and stellar presentation skills helped her build a fantastic career on television. 

She started with reports of events related to golf, worked for FoxSports and little by little he opened an agenda of coverage events and got closer to boxing. The influencer began to be recognized for her Morning Drive program on Golf Channel.

Where does Holly Sonders live?

Holly Sonders currently lives in Los Angeles, United States, and also has a page similar to those of OnlyFans. Another of Holly Sonders’ hobbies focuses on social networks since she usually shares content from her personal life on her social accounts. On her Instagram account, she does not stop sharing constant content with all her followers. 

On her official Instagram account, Holly Sonders has more than 600 thousand followers with whom she shares photos, mostly in lingerie

How did Holly Sonders and Oscar De La Hoya meet?

Holly Sonders and Oscar de la Hoya met during a boxing event in June 2021 in which the host interviewed the fighter.

After the event, Holly Sonders and Oscar De La Hoya were caught in several other places together, where the pair seemed quite intimate, a situation that sparked rumors of their relationship.

And recently in the stories of her official Instagram account, the host shared some videos where they even appear kissing.

Although their first approach was purely professional, it was the bond that united them and allowed them to get to know each other. De La Hoya and Holly Sonders continued their relationship after that as well. Soon, the professional relationship turned into a friendship, eventually blossoming into a romantic relationship. Holly Sonders kept her fans up to date about her blossoming relationship with De La Hoya until she officially announced that they were an item.

Who was Holly Sonders’ ex-husband?

Holly Sonders had previously been married to television host Erik Kuselias for four years between 2012 and 2016. She also dated former Arizona Cardinals Head Coach Cliff Kingsbury for a small period of time. Holly Sonders also had a whirlwind romance with Dave Oancea, popularly known as Vegas Dave.

Oscar De La Hoya was also married to Millie Corretjer, a Puerto Rican singer with whom he had three children. They started their relationship in 2001 and went their separate ways after 15 years together. Their marriage fell out after news about Oscar De La Hoya cheating on his wife with several women reached her. Oscar De La Hoya later admitted that the entire ordeal helped him become a much better person.

Holly Sonders is De La Hoya’s first serious girlfriend since his divorce.

Did Holly Sonders get COVID-19?

No, Holly Sonders didn’t get COVID. Her partner Oscar De La Hoya was the one who contracted it. He had mild to severe symptoms and was hospitalized as a result. Thankfully, he recovered from it completely and can move forward towards enjoying a great life with Holly Sonders.

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