Jaden Newman: 11 Things About Julian Newman’s Sister!

Jaden Newman

At just 17, there is absolutely everywhere Jaden Newman’s future path can lead her to. She’s been in the eyes of the media for quite some time now, and people will support and criticize her every move on a large scale. The young athlete has seen it all as you’ll see throughout this biography, starting with how she was a young prodigy at just age 3. 

Jaden Newman: 11 Facts About The Sister of Julian Newman

1. Who is Jaden Newman?

Jaden Newman is a young basketball player from America better known as the sister of Julian Newman. She is also a social media personality. She started playing basketball at the age of three in school and currently plays as a point guard. In addition, she became the youngest basketball player to reach the 1,000 point mark in college preparation. Plus, she once said she wanted to become the first woman to be the face of the NBA. 

2. A family of similar interests:

Jaden Newman comes from a family where almost all the members play this particular sport. She and her brother Julian Newman trained with their father, who is a basketball coach. 

The basketball player was born on June 13, 2004 in Orlando, Florida to her father and basketball coach Jamie Newman and her mother Vivian Newman. Her mother is a former college basketball player and served in the United States Navy. She grew up alongside her brother Julian Newman who is another basketball player who played point guard and attended Prodigy Prep in Orlando. The family also appears on the show called “Hello Newman”. 

3. Training from the age of three:

At the age of 3, she began to show interest in basketball. In fact, her father, Jamie, started training her at their home in Orlando. According to a source, Jaden was inspired by her brother, Julian Newman – and started playing basketball and training with her father. 

In addition, in her eighth-grade game, she became the youngest basketball player to reach the 1,000 point mark in college readiness

4. As a young sensation, she was on a famous ad:

Besides playing basketball, she has also appeared in various commercials and TV shows such as “Hello Newman”. 

A ten year old Jaden Newman was featured alongside athlete Stephen Curry in a Foot Locker commercial.  Additionally, in early 2015, Newman defeated Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors’ U.S. professional basketball player) in a 3-point shooting competition.

5. College career:

When she was 10-years-old Jaden Newman started playing in her college girls’ team from an early age. Jaden Newman’s training began at Downey Christian School in third grade. It was around this time that she said she aimed to become the first woman in the NBA, as she once said in an interview. 

6. Jaden Newman boyfriend: 

The 17-year-old (as of 2021) is still young and has kept her personal life away from the media. However, she may be single at the moment, as there is no indication of her dating history. In addition, she prefers to spend her free time with her friends and family. In addition to traveling and discovering new places as suggested by her social media platforms. Also, she spends most of her time practicing her basketball game.

7. Jaden Newman net worth:

The female athlete has an estimated net worth of around $300,000 from her work in various commercials and promoted products that help her gain wealth and fame. In 2014, the Tampa Bay Times named her “the world’s best-selling 12-year-old basketball player.” Due to her popularity, Julian has appeared in various TV shows like Good Morning America, Steve Harvey, Today, and other programs. Her brother is Julian Newman, who is also a famous basketball prodigy. Their family was featured in a reality TV show named Hello Newman, presented by Overtime on social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. 

She also appears on the reality show “Hello Newmans” where she shares the screen with her family. The female athlete also appeared on Steve Harvey and Good Morning America. 

8. Jaden Newman social media:

Jaden Newman holds a verified Instagram account @ jadennewman1 with ONE MILLION followers. As an Instagram star, basketball reigns supreme but Jaden also uploads a photo related to her lifestyle, with her family, candid selfies, clips from her game, events and much more.

On Twitter, use the unverified account. @ Jaden_newman01 with over 5000 subscribers. But it seems she doesn’t have a Facebook account.

9. How tall is Jaden Newman? 

The female American basketball player stands at a height of 5 ft 5 inches tall or either 1.65 m or 165 cm. Jaden Newman weighs around 60 kg or 131 pounds with measurements such as 34-26-35 inches. In terms of Jaden Newman’s bra size, wears a 33 C bra cup size.

10. Jaden Newman age:

How old is Jaden Newman? Her birthday is June 13, 2004. She is currently 17 years old. She is three years younger than her brother Julian. 

11. In 2014, she was extremely fast and nimble: 

The 9-year-old American girl Jaden Newman already played basketball like a grown-up!. 

Fast, precise, astonishing agility for her age which led her to be spotted and already selected by the University of Miami back in 2014. 

Soon she had a key to a scholarship to join the Hurricanes team in a few years. Ambitious and aware of her talent, she began aiming for a position in the WNBA (female equivalent of the NBA). She was already a playmaker in the high school team.

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