Maureen Blumhardt: She Became Charles Barkley’s Wife At 29!

Maureen Blumhardt

In 2021, Maureen Blumhardt will be 61 years old and in a relationship with NBA legend Charles Barkley since 1980! Barkley and Blumhardt have been together since and even reside together in their Scottsdale, Arizona home worth nearly $2.8million in 2021. The wife of Charles Barkley also gave birth to Christiana Barkley, their one and only child. Here are some facts about Maureen Blumhardt’s life. 

Maureen Blumhardt: 4 Facts About Charles Barkley’s Wife (2021) 

1. Maureen Blumhardt before Charles Barkley:

The future basketball wife was a former model for weight loss machines but don’t think she is just a pretty face as she once worked in legal aid prior to marrying Charles Barkley. 

The fashion model who was born on January 15, 1960, in Scottsdale, Arizona  has kept information regarding the whereabouts of her parents and siblings extremely private. 

Maureen Blumhardt’s early life, therefore, seems to be lacking but we do know information about her educational background as we know she went to Villanova University. The blonde basketball wife attended this private catholic university located in Pennsylvania.

Blumhardt’s educational pursuit didn’t end with just one degree in hand, the Arizonian future basketball wife embarked on acquiring another qualification with Columbia Journalism School. 

As you can see there is evidence that she was an aspiring journalist just like her daughter would be. 

There is also evidence online that Maureen would make a fine model with her tall stature as there are sources suggesting that the blonde model appeared in commercials for Noblerex K-1, a type of body vibration machine (a weight loss machine). 

In addition to her hourglass body figure, as did most models of the 70s era, she also possessed distinguishing features are her striking blue eyes, squared jawline, and, the obvious, her bright blonde hair. There is also a rumour that his beauty once  transitioned into an acting career.

2. Marriage to Charles Barkley:

Maureen Blumhardt and Charles Barkley met at a restaurant in Pennsylvania called City Avenue back in the 1980s and the two of them have been married since 1989. During that time, the NBA legend was still making history while playing for the Philadelphia 76ers. These days you know him as one of the panelists on Inside the NBA where he gathers with other ex-NBA players such as Shaquille O’Neal to discuss statistics, players, and teams.

But going back to the stereotypical society of the 1980s, it seems like only the super-rich and the super famous would enter non-traditional marriages like that of a white woman marrying a black man. If they were to take a chance on the advantages of fame it was then as opposed to today’s modern times where interracial marriages, same-sex marriages, etc are not looked down on with a lack of leniency and tolerance. 

Moreover, we can assume that the 80s society was from where Arizonian parents of Maureen Blumhardt came from were open-minded and supportive of their daughter’s marital choices to a billionaire NBA star! 

Even though Maureen is technically a celebrity or famous for being married to a celeb, there isn’t much information about them online other than a minuscule amount of early outings with her husband, Charles Barkley. 

From photographs, it seemed as if both were really enjoying their thrilling adult life and soon Maureen would become a mother. 

3. Maureen Blumhardt had one daughter with Charles Barkley:

Their daughter Christiana Barkley is currently 32 years old in 2021. 

Maureen Blumhardt and Charles Barkley’s daughter is a graduate of Columbia University and holds a degree in journalism.

Christiana Barkley’s got an interesting occupation working with a non profit foundation called the Fresh Start Women’s Foundation. As a member, she supports women who want to live a more positive life and the non-profit foundation also helps vulnerable women acquire education and other vital resources to help them advance. 

Earlier this year in March 2021, Christiana married Ilya Hoffman  at the Andaz Scottsdale Resort and Bungalows in Scottsdale, Arizona (Arizona is where she lives with her parents). 

The wedding took place in front of 120 of their family and friends, all of whom were tested for Covid-19 before the event.

4. Maureen Blumhardt’s Net Worth:

In particular, as a model and a businesswoman, Blumhardt would be successful at one point but since she married the millionaire NBA athlete we don’t know what her career would be like without him. Therefore we are looking at their accumulated net worth as there is no way to figure out the exact sum of her earnings.

Notable NBA player Charles Barkley has an impressive net worth of $40 million which we can assume is shared with his wife. But the sheer amount needs to be put into perspective as this kind of money did not materialize from his basketball career alone. 

For instance, the NBA legend not only accepted the role of a studio pundit for Turner Network Television (TNT) but had endorsements from reputed companies like McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Nike, Right Guard, and T-Mobile.

His basketball reporting as one of the panelists on Inside the NBA, he also reportedly pays him $1.5 million yearly from his job at TNT. 

Maureen Blumhardt’s current residence resides in Scottsdale’s mansion, costing $2.8 million along with a Lincoln Navigator and Bentley parked in the front! 

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