Safest Sports In the World: Which Sports Have the Lowest Injury Probability?

Safest Sports In the World

Injuries and sports go hand in hand. The more you play any sport, the likelihood of you getting injured increases. Some sports like Rugby, American Football, Moto Cross and BASE Jumping have a high probability of injuries. But in this post, we aren’t going to talk about those sports. We will take a look at sports at the other end of the safety spectrum. We will go through a list of some of the safest sports in the world. Playing these sports will lead to very low chances of injury. Let’s get started.

Which Are the Safest Sports In The World?

There are certain sports that due to their characteristics can be safer than others, such as swimming or Pilates, but it must also be borne in mind that it depends on the existing physical condition of the participant as well. So each one must adjust the type of sport they want to practice with their needs and ailments.

Here are the safest sports in the world with the lowest chances of injuries:


Running is undoubtedly the most popular worldwide that helps you maintain physical shape, but it is also a simple and inexpensive activity. Running is today the favorite sport of millions of people, its success is undoubtedly explained by its versatility, ease of practice and health benefits. Running regularly vastly improves your cardiovascular system.


It is one of the most safe sports, in which you work almost all the muscles of the body. If you don’t do something crazy, the chances of getting injured are very low. In swimming, injuries are more complicated since the sport is practiced in a friction-free environment such as water. It is true that if you do not practice with proper technique, it is easier to injure yourself.

Stationary Biking

Cycling is a sport that causes few injuries, especially if it is done on a stationary bike, avoiding irregularities in the relief. Intensity is important in this sport, so if you do not want to increase the chances of injury, it is advisable to use a medium-low intensity. Ofcourse, if you want to head out and cycle in the real world, the chances of getting injured are significantly higher.


It is a gentle sport that consists of stretching the muscles of the body, correcting body posture and gradually gaining strength and flexibility. This practice is recommended for people with back problems, joint problems or any type of injury. A lot of people might not even consider it as sport and just a workout style. Whatever you  may think about it, it is certainly a great and safe way to stay fit.

This sport, although safer than others, should be practiced with care and under the supervision of a professional. If you have a previous injury, it is important to discuss it with the coach before starting practice.

Paddle Tennis

Paddle tennis is one of the safest sports that are gaining popularity these days. This sport facilitates its practice, although this requires basic material and an appropriate court. Paddle tennis is an entertaining and social sport, since at least one other person is needed to practice it, but you also burn a lot of calories during it, making it an ideal sport to prevent obesity related problems. This is a great and safe sport for people who want to break out of their sedentary lifestyle and do something active.

How to play sports safely and prevent injuries?

Do a proper warm up

Do not start sports or physical exercise suddenly without having done a previous warm-up: muscles that have not been properly prepared tend to be injured more easily. 

Start off with some light cardiovascular activity, like running a little, jumping jacks, or brisk walking, just to get your muscles going. After this short warm-up, follow up with some dynamic stretching. 

Besides stretching, practice sessions or workouts are also excellent preparation for most sports and activities.

Train regularly

If you belong to a team, attend as many training sessions and games as possible. This will help you to be in excellent physical shape and to learn to work as a team with your colleagues; knowing how your teammates play will help you avoid possible injuries.If you’re not on a team, you can do regular workouts or individual workouts to improve your performance and avoid potential injury. Remember that when a tool is not used, it rusts. So stay in good shape by training regularly. For example, before a tennis match, do tennis moves or practice serving. Before a basketball game, hit some hoops or play a quick one-on-one game with a friend. Training makes your brain and body work side by side, while improving your performance. 

Don’t overtrain

Although you should train regularly, don’t go overboard. Sudden increase in training frequency, duration, and intensity may improve your performance at first, but could lead to overuse injuries later on. Your doctor or coach can help you develop a fitness and training program appropriate for your age and developmental level.

Stretch after training

Once you’ve finished your training day, take a few minutes to stretch all your muscles well. It is a perfect way to prevent injuries and also helps prevent shoelaces.

Maintain proper form

Performing the exercises correctly is essential to prevent injuries. During the first training sessions you should pay special attention to your posture, in order to prevent injuries derived from bad sports practice.

Get a physiotherapist’s consultation 

It never hurts to visit the physiotherapist from time to time to make sure you do not have any injuries or overload the muscles. In order to play any sport safely, it’s important that you don’t keep punishing your body with ill advised training moves.

Wear proper protective gear

At the professional level, a lot of sports require their participants to wear protective gear like pads, helmets and goggles. Just because you play something recreationally, it doesn’t mean you should ignore those safety concerns. If you are going cycling, wear a helmet, if you are working on a punching bag, wear boxing gloves. If you want to play your favourite sport in the future as well, it’s better to be safe. Take care.

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