Top Five Basketball Rebounding Drills Used By Legends

Basketball Rebounding Drills

Previous NBA players like Paul Silas, Nate Thurmond and Dennis Rodman had heavenly vocations mostly from bouncing back. Could the ordinary youth player become a NBA player as a rebounder? Presumably not however the following are five bouncing back drills for mentors and guardians that might help their players and children work on their individual and group bouncing back.

Top Five Basketball Rebounding Drills

1. Two-Hand Basic

This is one of the least difficult, essential bouncing back drills that a portion of the top mentors in the nation use at every single practice. Line up players on one side of the backboard around six feet from it. Throw the ball against the backboard, hurry to get the bounce back, secure it with two hands and catch it. At the point when the player lands, he ought to have a decent wide base with his feet. The feet truth be told ought to be farther separated then the player’s shoulders. When the player goes, he turns and turns to the outside for the power source pass and passes the ball to the following player. This is done ceaselessly. Mentors can utilize the two sides of the backboard with two lines. For younger players who might experience difficulty throwing the ball against the backboard, mentors can utilize a divider. This is one of those straightforward drills that offer mentors an extraordinary chance to bring up key missteps and right them.

2. Bull In The Ring

This drill can get extremely physical. Somewhere in the range of two to five players will match up with somebody. This drill is done around the circle at the free toss line. So say we have three sets of players participating. The three cautious players will be spread around the circle.

The three sets of hostile players will be spread external the circle. Each pair will confront one another. The mentor will place the ball in the focal point of the circle and get out. At the point when the mentor blows the whistle, the hostile players will attempt to get inside the circle to get the ball. The guarded players will turn at the sound of the whistle with their back to their accomplice.

The guarded players will attempt to keep the hostile players outside of the circle and away from the b-ball utilizing out their boxing out abilities. The mentor can utilize 3, 4 or 5 seconds as the objective to keep the hostile players outside the circle. Mentors can change this drill as per the age and ability of the players that are being trained. What’s more, there is a wellbeing factor here so mentors should give severe consideration and prepare to rapidly blow the whistle. This drill should likewise be possible around the mid-court circle. In view of the size of the circle, here you can just have one sets of players. A thought for mentors is to utilize every one of the circles in the rec center.

3. Ball Bangs

This is an extraordinary drill for more established children who have some stature and bouncing capacity and can hit the backboard. So, mentors and guardians of younger children ought to never be wound down by any high level b-ball drills they see or hear about.

I would wager that 90% of most developed drills can be adapted to the youngest youth ball players. In the “Ball Bangs” drills, begins the right side. The player holds the ball with two hands over his head.

The player will hop up and slam the ball into the backboard. He does this as hard as possible multiple times. On the fourth leap, he places the ball in the bin. You can work up to ten or fifteen or even twenty leaps and mentors can “empower” players by shouting to hit the ball harder against the backboard.

Players would then be able to switch sides. For younger players a divider is similarly on par with the backboard. Mentors and guardians should ensure players keep the ball over their head. Hitting the ball hard against the backboard or divider will condition the player to utilize his solidarity to hold the b-ball. There is no rest or ending up between hops.

4. Over The Top

This bouncing back drills begins at the (square tone) on one side of the key. Every player has his own ball and is in one line. The player will throw the ball to the crate focus over the edge.

At the point when he does this, as ball goes to the other side and the player should himself move to where the ball will be descending. The objective for the player while getting the bounce back is to put forth the attempt to assault the ball at the most elevated point he might potentially arrive at it.

At the point when the player lands, mentors need to underline that the player ought to make a huge base with his feet and his shoulders are square to the benchmark with the ball around jawline stature, with the elbows out. With the shoulders square to the pattern and elbows out, this assists safeguard with offing any guarded player from the ball. In the wake of getting the b-ball, the player will attempt to place the ball into the bin either with no spill or with one force spill. Then the following individual in line goes. This is a great drill to use various crates in a single gym. Or on the other hand one player can do this constantly going from one side to another. This can be a double reason drill for molding also.

5. Carousel

In this bouncing back drill, we have two customary five man groups in different shading shirts. They are at the circle at the foul line. The mentor is in the center and the players will start to stroll around the circle.

The mentor will then throw the ball up to the backboard. The players will scramble for the bounce back. They will play a one-point game and afterward begin once again at the circle.

Mentors ought to have players go one way and afterward go the other way. It is significant that while the players are circumventing the circle, they can see the mentor consistently so they all know when he shoots the ball.


These are just five of numerous b-ball bouncing back drills that groups, all things considered, can use. Mentors need to accentuate to their players that bouncing back is one of the main pieces of the sport of b-ball however there is no assurance that the best bouncing back group will dominate the match. It’s anything but an assurance however it will assist with keeping groups cutthroat and will set them in a place to dominate matches

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