What Is Esports, and How to Bet on It for the First Time?

betting in esports

The emergence of Esports has opened new doors for the gambling industry while the sports world got a new outlook. Some of the revenue streams for esports include media rights, sponsorships, merchandise, tickets, publisher fee and advertisement. The latest survey found that the global esports market which was estimated at $1.8billion in 2021, is expected to reach 2.8 billion dollars by 2028. The findings show that esports is becoming popular day by day with the growth seen in global digitization and low-cost advanced gaming technologies.

What is esports?

Esports is the short name given to electronic sports and is commonly taken as a video game. Though, esports is more like a competitive sport in which people, irrespective of geographical boundaries participate to play together. It is made attractive by holding tournaments and championships like traditional sports. Winners get hefty cash prizes while the viewers are entertained. To some extent, the rise of esports can be attributed to game streaming apps like Twitch and YouTube where people watch their favourite games seamlessly.

Is betting legal in esports?

Whether or not betting is legal depends completely on the place you belong to. For example, in the UK, betting in esports is legal but in the US, betting is allowed only in New Jersey and Nevada. Apart from it, there are a few states in the US where betting in esports is legal but allowed with an authorised bookmaker only. For betting, you can check online sites to know if your state allows esports betting or not to avoid any issues.

How to bet on esports for the first time?

For people who have been making bets on traditional sports like boxing, horserace or football, esports betting is the same. To place a bet on your favourite esports, you need to check the desired odds which might get added to your betting slip. You need to decide upon how much you will stake on your bet. Most of the slips will calculate the potential outcomes automatically and when you click on ‘place bet’, you just have to wait for your team to win.

In almost every esports betting site featuring your desired game, you will have to register your name by entering personal details. In order to make an opening deposit, a payment method must be selected once the account has been verified. Do not forget to check up on welcome bonuses or risk-free betting promotions offered by online sites before you make payments.

Once initial payments are made, you are allowed to scroll through the site and find matches that could deliver nice pay-outs. Never forget to make some research or find tips before laying real cash in any game.

What are esports betting markets all about?

Just like traditional sports betting markets, there are many ways through which esports betting can take place. The esports betting markets help you find potential winners or odds while you can make your own strategies with the information provided by them. Some of the main types of esports bets promoted by esports betting markets include:

Esports-specific bets

Many spectacular wagers are available for various esports. For instance, if you are betting on League of Legends, you may have the chance to place a wager on which team would take the first map, and if you were betting on CSGO, you might try to guess which side would get 10 kills first. Some bookmakers also let you place odd wagers on things like which team will take down the first castle, giant, gatekeeper, and so on. Betting on the outcome of a round, including the scoreboard, demonstrates that there are many different ways to wager on esports.

System esports bets

This form of betting requires you to make more than one esports bet. To win, you need to have all your selections win but it is worth noting that the layout in this kind of betting is very huge. Although system esports betting may require great luck to win, the pay-out you get from the betting sites is worthwhile.

Match winner esports bets

This is the most common betting in esports. It is like predicting which team will win the football match in an event. Similarly, you can bet on the winner in a particular esports. Though, make some research on the game and bet when you think the odds can make you win better profits.

Outright esports bets

This betting allows you to predict or make a wager on the team or a player you think will win a particular esports tournament. Many betting sites allow you to bet on the results in advance of a specific esports tournament.

What esports games can you place a bet on?

We have plenty of esports games to bet on this year compared to previous years. Some of the popular games include Fortnite and Call of Duty while most of the betters like to bet upon games such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang which hosts a world championship every year. You can also bet on fantasy esports like Fantasy Football in which players play in a fantasy world. You can still use your game knowledge in sports to predict the outcome and find the most profitable odds.

Is esports betting worthy?

Nowadays, many people find esports both interesting as well as money-making. In this game, one of the major benefits is that your favourite player never gets injured like in real life. This means, your chosen player might not get kicked off suddenly because of unexpected circumstances. Although the players may still get injured or become ill, it is very uncommon because of the nature of esports. In addition, esports games are being developed frequently, which enhances the gaming experience.

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