Who Is Julie Brady? 6 Facts About Tom Brady’s Sister

Julie Brady

Julie Brady is most famously recognized as the sister of football superstar Tom Brady and the wife of former baseball player Kévin Youkilis. Did you know? Julie Brady and Tom Brady were born on the same day only three years apart, and at their birthday parties, they would often be mistaken as twins for the same reason. Nevertheless, Julie also has her own identity thanks to her career, her love life, her kids, and her hobbies. Even though she shares the spotlight with her superstar brother, here are some interesting and unique things about Tom Brady’s sister. 

Julie Brady’s Life Story Explained In 6 Interesting Facts! 

1. Tom Brady’s sister grew up in a sporty home:

Julie Brady’s parents have been celebrating their married life for over 45 years and her dad Tom Brady Sr. (born on May 6, 1944, in San Francisco, California) was an insurance advisor for years, and his son Brady Jr. attributes his competitiveness in the field to his father. Brady Sr. also has a keen interest in sports and enjoys playing golf and baseball. He is of Irish descent while Julie Brady’s mother, Galynn, is of Polish, Norwegian and Swedish descent.

Julie Brady’s mother, Galynn, married Brady Sr. on April 19, 1969, and the couple has been in each other’s company ever since. Although their son Brady Jr. is a big name in sports and has an estimated net worth of over $180.0 million, Julie Brady’s parents still live in the same home in San Mateo, California, where they raised their children. for over 40 years. Seems like the saying that home is where the heart lives fit Brad’s house well. Galynn was even featured in a commercial with Brady Jr. The mother-son duo are shown making pancakes in the 2014 ad, which must have been quite a tough walk for Galynn as she has been a housewife all her life. 

2. What is it like to have a brother who is Tom Brady?

Julie Brady’s brother has always been far too protective of his sister. He was one of the worried family members who always supported his sister even after her previous married life failed miserably within a few years. Tom kept suggesting the relationship dynamic Julie shared with her husband Kevin. In fact, in an interview featuring Julie and Youkilis and their baby, a year after they got married, Julie Brady revealed that his little brother Brady Jr. told him to slow down when he found out she had started dating Youkilis.

As you can tell, Julie Brady and her brother Tom Brady share a beautiful loving sibling relationship. Although Tom and Brady were not born together, Julie Brady is sometimes referred to as Tom Brady ‘s twin sister, simply because they have their birthday on the same day, August 3rd. In reality, Tom Brady was born in 1977, making Julie Tom the older sister of three good years. Tom Brady is married to model Gisele Bundchen , and Julie has three nieces and nephews: Viviane, Benjamin, and John. Julie Brady’s brother was an equally brilliant football and baseball player in high school before he started his professional sports career. Tom is better known as the New England Patriots strategist.

Tom shared a photo on Instagram in honor of their joint birthday in 2017, which said: “When you share the same birthday… and also a great fashion style! Happy birthday my sweet Julie! I love you! For being the best second oldest sister in the world, thank you! 

Also, in the recent August 4, 2020 post, Tom shares some beautiful words while wishing his beloved sister a happy birthday. The text in the quoted post said, 

“I wish a happy birthday to my big sister, Julie!! You always had a smile on your face, which always kept one on mine. I feel so lucky to have you as my big sister!!”.

3. Who is Julie Brady’s husband?

Julie Brady was married twice. Her former relationship couldn’t go so well, but the later marriage went pretty well. She is a happy wife and a caring mother to her children from her marriages. 

Pre knowing Kévin Youkilis

Julie Brady was already married before meeting Kévin Youkilis to another man whose identity remains unknown. There is no proven information about Julie’s first marriage and separation.

However, little information available claims that the wedding took place in Mexico in 2008. No proven evidence is available in the public domain that provides the factual details of her previous husband and their separation which happened in 2011. It is claimed that Julie and her unidentified husband have a ten-year-old daughter named Jordan.

Post meeting Kevin Youkilis

Julie Brady’s second marriage was to former baseball player Kévin Youkilis. The couple started dating in 2011, and just a year later the couple got engaged and married in April 2012, in a silent wedding ceremony in New York City. Kevin Youkilis used to play first baseman and third baseman for teams like Boston Red Sox, Chicago White Sox, New York Yankees.

After his stint in MLB and a lot of injuries, Kevin spent time playing ball overseas, but then in 2014, he signed with the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles. Kevin played with them in the 2014 season and announced his retirement at the end of the year.  After announcing his retirement, he turned into a scouting consultant for the Chicago Cubs.

Kevin met and tied the knot with the love of his life, Julie Brady, in the midst of his exciting baseball career, amid rumors that Julie was already pregnant. It has now been over eight years since Julie and Kevin celebrated their relationship as husband and wife. Mr. Youkilis accepted Jordan as well as his daughter with his two other children, Zacharie and Jérémie.

Julie Brady has a family that enjoys spending time together. The couple seems to be living their life as a happy couple. Instagram posts from Julie’s husband hint at their happier relationship. For example, in a recent post shared around Valentine’s Day, Kevin shared the couple’s adorable photo on social media by stating: 

“The luckiest man alive to have this rock star wife and mom as his Valentine!”

4. Julie Brady’s children:

Julie Brady currently has three children and lives with Youkilis in Los Gatos, California. Currently, Julie actively takes care of her family and raises her children to be successful and responsible adults. After all, the family has a rich heritage behind them. It wouldn’t be a surprise if we could see world-class sportsmen emerge from his family in a few years.

5. Julie Brady social media:

While Julie leads a peaceful and discreet private life, you can find her husband, Kevin, on both Twitter and Instagram. Meanwhile her famous brother Tom is on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

6. Other FAQs about Julie Brady

When was Tom Brady’s sister born?

Tom Brady’s sister Julie Brady was born on August 3, 1974 , in California to Tom Brady Sr and Galynn Patricia Brady. Julie Brady will be 47 years old in 2022. 

Julie grew up with her three siblings; Maureen Brady, Nancy Brady, and most famously her brother Tom Brady. The zodiac sign of Julie Brady is Leo. Astrologers claim that people born under the sign of Leo are natural leaders. People with the Leo sign are believed to be dramatic, artistic, self-confident, very difficult to oppose, leaders and capable of achieving anything they want in any area of life they commit to. They are confident and attractive, and their wholesome sense of humor makes it even easier to bond with other people.

What is Julie Brady’s net worth?

Julie Brady’s education and her highest degree are unknown, but, according to sources, Julie Brady was previously a teacher. Julie was a special education teacher. Eventually, no new updates about his career and work details were found. Due to unknown facts, the details of Julie Brady’s work, her earnings are hidden. On the other hand, the net worth of her partner Kevin Youkilis is said to be around $24 million.

What is Julie Brady’s height?

There is no proven information about Julie Brady’s height, weight and body measurements. However, analysis of her public domain photo shows that she leads a fit and healthy life and must have a good body structure.

Likewise, there is also no information about the color of his hair and eyes. However, our simple guess after analyzing her photos says that she might have brown eyes and brown hair.

Did Julie Brady convert to Judaism since marrying Kevin Youkilis?

Julie Brady is Catholic by birth. She married Kevin Youkilis, a Jewish man. In fact, Kevin is so into Judaism that he does a Bar Mitzvah (Jewish ritual for boys once they turn 13) at a Conservative synagogue.

The Youkilis family has a tradition of religious conversion after marriage. Kevin’s mother, Carolyn Weekley, originally from West Virginia, converted to Judaism after the marriage.

However, it is unknown whether Brady still converted to Judaism or not. Additionally, it is not revealed whether the interfaith couple decided to raise their children Jewish, Catholic or mixed-ethnicity.  

When did Julie Brady and Kevin Youkilis first meet?

Kevin Youkilis and Julie Brady first met at a fundraiser hosted by Julie’s younger sister, Nancy Brady. Yukilis’ comedian friend Mike O’Malley was the program’s emcee, and Youkilis was at the party to support him. Eventually, the couple began dating in 2011. Julie had a daughter, Jordan, from her previous marriage and similarly, Kevin had just separated from his marriage to Sambataro.

Most shockingly, there is also another story about how they first met. Rumors say the couple met at the Patriots party after Youkilis’ team was eliminated from the 2010 playoffs. Julie recalls Youkilis being bullied into asking for the phone number of her fellow athlete’s sister. Additionally, she recalls her brother Tom Brady advising her to take things slow with Youkilis.

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