Who Is Tiffany Roy? All About Michael Oher’s Wife

Tiffany Roy

The Oscar-winning film “The Blind Side,” starring Quinton Aaron as Michael Oher, brought Michael Oher’s tale to a global audience. Michael Lewis’s book of the same name served as the basis for the 2009 movie. Celebrities find it difficult to keep their relationships private because the media and internet sleuths are constantly trying to learn more about their favorite actors, athletes, and politicians.

Tiffany Roy and Michael Oher tried their hardest to keep their relationship a secret, but after an Uber driver reported Oher misbehaving, they were forced to come clean.

So let’s start with the most asked question: “Is Michael Oher married?”. Yes, Tiffany Roy and Michael Oher have been together for a long time and later welcomed a kid into the world. Tiffany serves as vice president of “Beat The Odds Inc.” In addition to operating The Feminist Collection, an online boutique. Let’s learn more about their life.


Tiffany Roy, born in Lansing, Michigan, in 1982, is now 40 years old. Her private life seems to be kept under wraps. She has steadfastly declined to provide any details regarding her siblings or parents. Even Tiffany hasn’t stated her precise birthdate. Tiffany Roy is of American descent, but neither her zodiac sign nor her ethnicity is known. Tiffany Roy is approximately 5 feet 8 inches in height, with golden hair and brown eyes. Her weight is approximately 60 kgs.


Sadly, not much is known about the profession of Michael Oher’s wife. Regarding Tiffany’s professional background, Michael & Tiffany have both been quite guarded. Beat the Odds Inc. is a non-profit run by Tiffany and Michael. The business thrives on donations and money from Michael and focuses on giving deserving but much less fortunate athletes fair opportunity. According to propublica.org, Michael is the company’s president, and Tiffany is the vice president. In addition, Roy is successfully running The Feminist Collection, an online store that aims to make every woman—of all shapes and sizes—look amazing and confident at all times. The shop offers a variety of women’s clothing, from tops to shoes.

About Micheal

Michael was adopted by the Tuohy family after spending the majority of his youth as a homeless youngster. He was conceived on May 28, 1986. Since his father frequently entered and exited prison, he wasn’t always present. The same could be said for his mother, who could not care for her 12 children well due to her drug addiction. The frequent moves of Michael’s family came to an end when he was adopted by the eccentric affluent Tuohy family. That marked the pivotal moment in Michael’s life, and we bet that chance the Tuohy family provided him feels more important to him than any prizes or accolades he has received. The potential for a new life. He was enrolled in a reputable school by the Tuohy family, where he developed a passion for football. He had a strong love for the game as a young man and put forth a lot of effort to enter the National Football League, a top football league. Michael represented the University at Mississippi in collegiate football. Michael later signed with Baltimore Ravens around 2009 after playing collegiate football. The five-year deal had an astounding value of $13.8 million. He signed up with the Tennessee Titans following the termination of the original contract. He received an extra $4.2 million in compensation throughout the new four-year contract, which was worth $20 million. He then moved on to Carolina Panthers, and he eventually retired.

Tiffany & Michael’s Relationship

Michael & Tiffany have been together for a very long period, and they frequently appear in photographs wearing ratty, outdated attire. Oher and Roy appear to have made an effort to maintain their secrecy, but on August 10, 2015, Michael’s adoptive brother SJ Tuohy posted a family photo. It’s thought that Oher and Roy’s child is the one in the picture. It’s reasonable to presume that the pair have been dating for a considerable amount of time.


Finding information on Tiffany Roy & Michael Oher’s family life is challenging due to their low-profile lifestyles. Fortunately, Oher’s adoptive sibling, Sean Tuohy, posted a picture of a family gathering on Instagram in 2015. In the picture, Roy and Oher can be seen holding a cute young boy who looks like the couple. The boy is assumed to be Roy & Oher’s child as a result of this. On the website for her apparel line, Feminist Collection, Roy did disclose that she was a mother and his wife. Finding out that their favorite football star was not only husband and wife but also a father seemed to please the fans.


The pair appeared to be experiencing some marital problems in 2017. Oher is accused of assaulting a Uber driver who disobeyed his orders. The alleged victim claims that Michael asked him to track a car wherein his wife was sitting. There are still some unknown facts regarding the occurrence. They appear to have, however, overcome the problem they were facing at the time. Michael had to acknowledge that he is married to Tiffany Roy at this point.

More details on the incident

How Michael Oher’s long-term union became public was pretty intriguing. The football player was detained in 2017 after getting into a fight with an Uber driver. The Tennessean said that paperwork from the driver’s complaint stated that Oher was drunk as he got into the car. The NFL star allegedly requested the driver to accompany his wife’s car—possibly Tiffany Roy’s—to a country club so they could continue their Nashville night out there. Oher allegedly became outraged when the driver lost sight of Roy’s car, per the lawsuit. Oher was charged with misdemeanor assault after this event, however, the charges were ultimately dropped. The accused victim agreed to have the charges dropped, said Dorinda Carter, a spokesperson for the Davidson State District Attorney in Tennessee, according to The Tennessean. Many people probably learned about Oher’s marriage for the first time when his wife was mentioned in the Uber driver’s complaint.

Social Media

Tiffany Michelle Roy wants to keep her lifestyle as confidential as possible and would not share any information, including any of her images, with the public. She might have not appreciated it too when Sean Tuohy posted her photo online, in most people’s opinion. Nevertheless, she was unable to respond to him because the Tuohy house was the driving force behind her husband’s lucrative career. Michael Oher uses social media frequently, on the other hand.

Final Words

It may be safe to conclude that Oher & Roy started dating before Roy became pregnant, and Oher has likely been married for longer than some fans may have thought. Perhaps the secretive lifestyles of Oher and Roy contributed to the long-lasting nature of their union. The couple appeared to still be together as of 2021, according to Roy’s latest Instagram image with her husband. Roy’s current schedule is probably jam-packed because of juggling her obligations to her organization and business with those of a mother and wife.

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